After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, there have been many improvements in the application, with the introduction of voice calling to sending files as attachments. But now, a new era of WhatsApp has been started with the integration of free video calling feature across all platforms. After a positive response to the voice calling feature in WhatsApp, the company decided to integrate the video calling feature too, and now the day has come when users can make video calls with WhatsApp.

Though the WhatsApp version with video calling feature has not been globally released and it is still in beta stage, but you can download the WhatsApp beta APK file that has the video calling feature from the link provided below. WhatsApp has already been titled as the best chatting and voice calling application, but now it seems that they are moving towards the title of best video calling application on all mobile platforms. Recently WhatsApp Inc has also released a web version of WhatsApp Messenger for Mac OS users.


The WhatsApp video calling feature is included in version 2.16.80 and above, which you can download from above. No need to uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp from your phone, just install this APK file over your previous installations, and this will update your WhatsApp with video calling feature.

This APK file is directly downloaded from the official website of WhatsApp and, thus, contain the developer signatures. The APK file size is approx. 28.3 MB. As of now the video calling feature is not fully integrated into the application and the calling menu does not show an option for video calls, but the chat window does provide an option for calls either via voice or video.

It is obvious that soon WhatsApp will come with video calling feature globally with a stable release, till then either you can wait or can join the WhatsApp Beta program to get early access to the updates, or can stay tuned with us to download the latest APK file directly to your phone.

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