Recently Supercell has released major updates for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans in the month of May, and now they are up with many balance changes for Clash Royale which will fix many wrong changes that were made in the last update. In the last update, Supercell has underpowered and overpowered many cards which did not work well. Therefore they are bringing this balance change to improve the gameplay.

The list of complete balance changes is provided below. You can download the updated version of Clash Royale with this balance change from the link provided below. We have extracted the APK file directly from Google Play and is untouched and unmodified by any means. Please note that even after installing the latest version of Clash Royale you have to encounter with maintenance break for a short period, that will bring changes on server side.


What’s New in Clash Royale

  • Damage of Royal Giant has been decreased by 4%.
  • The duration of Freeze spell has been decreased by 1 second.
  • The cost of Furnace has been decreased to 4, a reduction of 1 elixir.
  • Hitpoints of Furnace is decreased by 14%, and life span is also decreased by 10 seconds.
  • The area damage of Fire Spirits has been increased by 25%.
  • The hitpoints and damage of Guards are increased by 8%.
  • The hit points of Miner is increased by 6%
  • Lava Hound hitpoints increased by 3%.
  • Hitpoints of Lava Pups increased by 9%.
  • Hitpoints of Elixir Collector decreased by 9%.
  • Hitpoints of Knight is increased by 10%.
  • Damage of Bomber is also increased by 10%.
  • Hitpoints of Cannon is decreased by 5%, while the hitpoints of Tesla is increased by 5%.
  • Golem and Golemite hit points are increased by 5%.
  • Damage by Witch is further reduced by 10%.
  • Skeletons hitpoints and damage increased by 5%.
  • Hitpoints of Tombstone is also increased by 10%


Overall this is one of the biggest balance change that is provided by Supercell for the Clash Royale game. To download the latest version of Clash Royale shortly, bookmark our previous article here.

To get more updates on Clash Royale and other Supercell games, stay tuned with us.

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