iOS 10 has been released for iPhone and iPad which has brought many new features to the phone and not to mention many under the hood performance improvements. There have been many new changes in iOS like new lock screen, messaging app, better camera and much more. Overall iOS can be tagged as a major upgrade over iOS 9.

You can download the wallpapers that are supplied with iOS 10 from below. We have included wallpapers from both iPhone and iPad as they carry different resolution according to the device. The wallpaper looks quite similar to Nexus 6 / Nexus 5x default wallpaper, at least the colours used are quite similar. Use the link provided below to download these wallpapers in original quality.


iOS 10 Stock Wallpaper

  • File Name:
  • Platform: iOS 10
  • File Size: 4.99MB
  • No. of Wallpapers: 23
  • Resolution: Multi

iOS 10 comes with a completely redesigned notification system known as Rich Notifications, which increases the lock screen usage when we have notifications. This new feature is now able to compete with Android lock screen notification system. Further, this functionality has been improved for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users as they have 3D touch.

iOS 10 has also adopted another feature from Android devices, which is known as Raise to Wake, which works quite similar to Active display or Moto display, where we can see the display notifications and time just by picking up the device. There have also been many improvements in Siri. iOS 10 comes with a Home application that can manage your phone the way you want. Again there are improvements in Apple Photos, Apple Maps, Apple Music, Clock, Notes, etc.

To get more such wallpapers, stay tuned with us and visit our exclusive wallpaper section.

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