TencentOS is a very popular Android-based operating system in China. Tencent OS 2.0 is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with many new features and optimisations. Infocus S1 came with Tencent OS 2.0 out of the box along with the stock wallpapers of TencentOS. There are total 15 wallpapers in full HD quality, and the zip file size is 10.9 MB. You can download the wallpapers of Tencent OS 2.0 or InFocus S1 from the link provided below.

All the wallpapers are immaculate and light with optimum usage of blue colour which makes the mobile display more bright and saturated. You can download these wallpapers for free and can use in your high-resolution smartphones. TencentOS 2.0 was released on 20th May 2016. It is a major upgrade over TencentOS 1.0 with a new design, dynamic efficiency, card feature, etc.


Many new Infocus smartphones come with TencentOS 2.0 out of the box. To get further news about TencentOS, stay tuned with us. Recently the official stock wallpapers of upcoming Galaxy Note 7 has also been leaked, which you can download from here.

Do visit our popular stock wallpaper category to download more such beautiful wallpapers for free.

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