Download Pokemon Go 0.35.0 from the download link provided below; this update has been released on 23rd August 2016. The “Pokemon Go” is the most played game in last few weeks due to its unique idea. This game is among very few games in which you don’t just have to sit and play, which means you need to play it while walking, jogging, running, etc. There have been loads of memes around the net which mirror Pokemon Go as a workout.

The game is already available for iOS and Android, and it is expected that it will soon be out for Windows Phones. The concept of the game is very easy, and you just have to catch Pokemon around you, though it seems quite complicated at first. When you move around, the game will alert you whenever any Pokemon is found, and you just have to throw the Poke Ball on him. Visit various places to find different kinds of Pokemon.


Instead of sitting in a room, Pokemon Go is a real life adventure game. According to a recent report, the game has become one of the most revenue generating game in Apple and is competing well in Android platform also. The game is still in early development stage, therefore it is not compatible with every device. You can try installing the APK file provided above if you are not able to download it directly from Play Store.

This update has fixed the important issue with battery saver mode in iOS. Recently there has been many third party applications that are built to forge the gameplay. These hacks/tricks might result in a temporary or permanent ban of your Pokemon Go account, so it is recommended to stay away from any such application.

To get regular updates of Pokemon Go, stay tuned with XYZ Times.

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