Update: We have added the link of Super Mario Run. Download Super Mario Run from the link provided below. Super Mario Run, a game developed by Nintendo, especially for iOS devices. In Apple launch event, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run would be available in iOS App Store. Shigeru Miyamoto, the chief game designer at Nintendo, confirmed that the game would be available from 26th September onwards in iOS App Store. Therefore, we will update we have updated the link.

The game concept is similar to that or original Super Mario game. You can play the game with a single hand, and the game controls are very easy. Touch the screen and it will jump Mario, and a long press will make longer jumps. You have to run the Mario to complete the objectives. There is another feature in the game, known as “Toad Rally” that will allow you to choose your opponent and beat his score. You can compete either with your friends or with any player around the world.


Download Super Mario Run for iOS

  • Game Name: Super Mario Run
  • Platform: iOS
  • Size: 1.2MB
  • Version: 0.1
  • Updated: 7th September 2016

Download Super Mario Run for iOS

Apple has also integrated few Super Mario stickers for iMessage which will be available in iOS 10. As we have mentioned above, Super Mario Run will be released on 26th September. Therefore we did not have provided any download link. We will update the links as soon as possible, till then you can stay tuned with us. Do not forget to bookmark this page, so that you get the notification for the game launch before your friends.

Super Mario Run for Android


Update: Super Mario Run for Android is releasing on March 2017. There has been no information regarding the launch of Super Mario Run for Android users, but it seems that Nintendo will soon be announcing the game for Android Platform as well.

**Please note that we will only provide a link to the iOS App Store as it is a premium game and will not be available for free.

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