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After the successful launch of Google Duo (a video chatting app), today Google has officially announced Allo which is a simple chatting application. Google Allo is now available on Play Store, and you can use the links provided below to download Allo on your Android smartphones. After some usage, I can firmly say that Allo is one of the simplest and fastest messaging application that is available on Android platform. To use Allo, you first have to register your mobile number, similar to WhatsApp, but the registration process is very smooth and fast in Google Allo.

At first launch, Allo comes with an Assistant, that act like an AI bot. You can interact with Google Assistant and can get some crazy instant answers. One of the best features of Google Allo is its “Smart Reply” feature. You can reply without even typing a word, as the application learns from your previous chats and can suggest responses to text and photos, in your style. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the English language as of now.

Google allo apk

Google Allo also comes with a nice feature that allows users to edit pictures before sending it to friends. A similar feature is also available in WhatsApp after the recent update. Allo comes with some exclusive stickers that are specifically designed for the app.


To respect users privacy, Allo comes with an Incognito mode. It allows sending messages with end-to-end encryption along with private notifications. We can create groups in Allo and can add our friends and family. Google Assistant can also be accessed in Groups by using “@Google” which is very helpful in many circumstances. Currently, Google Assistant is in Preview Edition, but soon it will get a final build with many new features.

You can download and install Google Allo from the link provided above. To get further updates on Allo, stay tuned with us.

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