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How many times have we sent a text thrice on messenger and embarrassed ourselves because slow internet you know! Facebook has always been so user-friendly and understanding that it’s no doubt that it’s still new and best among all social media platforms. For all those whose net speeds become a barrier in conversation, Facebook has come up with new FACEBOOK MESSENGER LITE. Now anyone can have perpetual chats and enjoy their life.

You can download the Facebook Messenger Lite APK from the link provided below. As of 3rd October, Messenger Lite is only available in few countries which include Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. As per Facebook officials, the application will be available in other countries very soon. The name itself disclose the primary feature of the application; Messenger Lite is a light version of Facebook Messenger which can be installed in old devices also.

Messenger lite


Messenger Lite comes with same messenger logo as an original messenger with reversed colours, i.e.,., the bolt is blue with a white chat bubble background.

Now here is the best part, Facebook Messenger Lite is very light in size, under 10MB, so you can easily download it and you can quickly get started with it. And above all nothing changes a tad from messenger everything remains the same. Same ways to send text, photos and links to anyone using Messenger or Messenger Lite.

It gets installed fast and uses less storage. Also if there is no internet connection, your messages will be delivered later on. It works on all networks and uses less space. It can be loaded quickly and can be used on any Android phone. What else can one hope for?

In short, you get total messenger experience with Messenger Lite even if your internet speed is not so conducive. Messenger Lite has begun in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Others can wait for a while to access this wonderful application and given Facebook’s dedication it can be any time sooner.

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Jon peter
Jon peter
October 4, 2016 7:40 pm

Last year Facebook released Facebook lite to help users connect easily online with slow speed internet and now Facebook have also release Lite version of their Messenger to increase efficiency in emerging countries, here’s what new in Facebook Messenger Lite:

Fast and Light Weight.
Low Battery Consumption.
Less Bandwidth Data use.