Luck patcher

How much do advertisements pester us? If there was an indicator to indicate the level of irritation, the advertisements bring along the indicator will probably explode. If this is your saga, Lucky Patcher is your best resort. This amazing Android application can modify the permission of your apps, verify the licensed of paid apps and remove the advertisement from your Android phones. So let us discuss the features of Lucky Patcher.

  • Delete the futile ads: Using Lucky Patcher you can eliminate the ads that keep drifting your attention or keep pestering you. Advertisements are one big of a reason to download this app.
  • Change the permissions and can create the backups of other apps: With the help of Lucky Patcher, you can also see all the apps in a list which are installed in your device. Just tap on the particular app to see the available options like apps detailed information, uninstall option, delete excessive data, create backupsĀ and make any changes you want to make for a better experience. In clear words, you will have full flexibility to control your apps.
  • Colour codes: The best part of this application is that there are colour codes available, which will be indicating compatibility with the tools and lets you know the specific operations.
  • Verify the paid apps: Using this amazing tool, you can verify the apps you are subscribing to and know their authenticity. Isn’t it fabulous?


The only glitch here is that it is not available on the Play Store, because of its nature of usage. So you can download Lucky Patcher App from the link provided above. Any praise we write for this app would be an understatement. It is a highly efficient application which gives us full control on our apps and an advertisement free environment. Who wouldn’t want that?

Please note that we are providing the application only for educational and testing purposes and the users are responsible themselves for any harm done to their device or related application accounts.

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