ONEPLUS is normally known for its best and top-class flagship smartphone. After the success of OnePlus 7″ and 7 pro” OnePlus is going to launch its “T” series. OnePlus confirms that they will launch the OnePlus 7T and 7T pro on 26 of September in India and after that smartphones will be available in Europe in October.

OnePlus can launch smartphones with Android 10′ out of the box but if the smartphones do not come with Android 10′ Buyers would not have to wait too long for the upgrade. OnePlus will provide the upgrade soon. The smartphones are the most awaited smartphones for the Oneplus daily users and the users are also look forward to some goods upgrade in smartphones so OnePlus can provide some goods upgrade to its users.

Display and screen design

OnePlus always tries to give a smooth and comfortable display with decent colors to its users. The OnePlus 7T arrived with waterdrop notch and the Oneplus 7T pro could have an all-screen display with no bezels. The Oneplus 7T offers a 6.41- inch AMOLED display and the pro comes with 6.67-inch AMOLED display. Both smartphones come with the protection of Gorilla Glass 5 out of the box.

OS (operating system)

Both smartphones come with the typical Oxygen OS but could it be based on the Android 10? some rumors are coming that it will be based on Android 10 but OnePlus did not announce that it will be based on Android 10 officially. It will be interesting to see about OS in the lanching event.


Some photos of OnePlus 7t have leaked. In the leakes we can easily see the back portion of the smartphone there are three cameras in the backside of the smartphone. some rumors are in the surrounding that there can be quad cameras in OnePlus 7T pro.

Performance (Ram and Chipset)

The smartphones are boosted up by the powerful  Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. It is a high performance 64- bit ARM LTE system so buyers don’t have to worry about performance the smartphones will definitely give a smooth performance. the OnePlus 7T will be available in two RAM variants that are 6GB and 8GB while the 7T pro comes with the 8GB  RAM variant and it may be available in 12GB RAM in future.

OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro price in India, overall specs

If the rumors are exact the onePlus will launch the smartphones in India on 26th of September. The price of these smartphones have not confirmed in India yet but we can expect the price of smartphones according to specs given below. The OnePlus 7T starting price can be around Rs 32,999 and the “7T” pro can start around Rs 48,999.

Expected specification

Specification                  OnePlus 7T                         OnePlus 7T Pro

  1. Screen                         6.41-inch AMOLED                6.67-inch AMOLED                                                                Display                                 Display
  2. RAM                               6-8GB                                   8-12Gb
  3. Chipset                    Qualcomm Snapdragon                Qualcomm Snapdragon                                                      855                                              855
  4. Battery                             3800mAh                                   4,080mAh                                                                 type C                                         type C
  5. Camera                          48MP+16MP+12MP                        Quad Camera
  6. Protection                         Gorilla Glass 5                            Gorilla Glass 5
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