Android 10 has officially released by Google on September 3, 2019. Google has started rolling out the Android 10 update on its Pixel devices and some rumors are coming that the update is rolling out on  Redmi K20 Pro also. Google has announced that it will be available on other devices very soon. For the last few months, everyone is expecting that it will be released as Android Q but Google confirms that there is no dessert name of Android 10.

Features of Android 10

Here are the Android 10 features and functions listed below.

Dark mode

Now you can enjoy the dark theme with Android 10 and save your battery. For enabling the dark mode you have to turn on Dark Mode from quick settings. Some apps do not support dark mode yet but it will be fixed by Google after the update of Android 10.

Bubble mode

This feature is basically for massaging and multi-tasking. when you get a message, you can reply without opening the app by tapping on notification bubble of particular chat.

Control app notification

If you don’t want notification from a particular app you can control the app notification by choosing the ‘turn off’ notification for that app.

Improved gestures

In the update of Android 10, the 3- navigation button on the screen will be changed into one navigation button like Apple. perhaps there would be no use of navigation bar after launching of so many gestures by Google.


Create Wi-Fi QR code

In android 10 update you can create the QR code for your Wi-Fi network.  If you want to give access to any one of your Wi-Fi network then he has to scan your Wi-Fi QR code.

Live caption option

This feature can provide information about every activity that is happening in the surrounding. This feature does not need any internet connection it is based on AI so it can calculate the distance between you and the activity happening in the surrounding.

Some other features

  • More control on apps
  • A new setting called API which helps the developers in generating the pop-up menu for the setting.
  • Google assistant is now improved.


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