According to the needs of the generation, the smartphones brand have also changed their smartphones design, capability, and lots of other features. In the present time, most of the peoples have different types of smartphones in their hand but after some time, they skip the smartphone and buy a new smartphone.

Here we are going to tell you about the top 5 upcoming smartphones which are not changeable for a long time if you can afford them. At the IFA tech show in Berlin this week some popular companies like Samsung, Motorola, and LG  showed off their futuristic smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Everyone knows about the Galaxy Fold, it is the most awaited smartphone because of its foldable screen. It has shown off a few months ago but that time it was on testing but now it is available for sale. Samsung canceled the pre-orders of Galaxy Fold before just the releasing date Samsung said that it is a display issue of Galaxy Fold that will be fixed soon and then it would be available for its buyers. In my opinion, it will be a great experience with Samsung Galaxy Fold for its buyers. The Galaxy Fold will be released in the UK on Sept 18 and in the USA it may be released on Sept 27. Galaxy Fold specs are given below.

  • CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Memory 12GB
  • Storage 512GB
  • Screen size 4.6 inches (folded), 7.3 inches unfolded
  • Resolution 1680 x 720 folded, 2152 x 1536 unfolded
  • Connectivity USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery 4,380mAh LTE model, 4,235mAh 5G model
  • Operating system Android 9.0 Pie Upgradable in Android 10

Google Pixel 4 and 4XL

For the few last days, some leaks of Google Pixel 4 and 4XL are everywhere on the web, Google Pixel series is known for its best camera quality so as this time also the pixels would be launched as camera-centric smartphones. According to the leaks, there is a square-camera setup at the rear of the Pixels. Every year Google releases its Pixel series on October with some new features. By analyzing the expected specs I think it would be a futuristic smartphone also. The expected specifications are given below.

  • Display- 5.7-inch/6.3-inch displays
  • Camera– Dual rear camera 12+16MP
  • Chipset– Qualcomm SD855
  •  RAM– 6GB RAM/8GB
  • Battery– 3700mAh batteries
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • OS– Android 10
  • Features- In-display fingerprint sensor, Square camera housing

LG G8X Dual Screen

The LG G8X is not a foldable smartphone but it has two screens. This smartphone can do multitasking with two separate screens. you can do two different work on two different screens at the same time in one smartphone, that is amazing!. The specs of the LG G8X are bellowed.

  • Display- 6.4-inch OLED FHD Plus
  • Chipset-  Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Front camera- 32-megapixels.
  • Rear camera-  12- and 13-megapixels, OIS
  • Memory-  6GB RAM/128GB storage with microSD card slot
  • Battery-  4,000 mAh
  • Features- In-screen fingerprint scanner, IP68, Fast Charge 4.0 compatible
  • OS-  Android 10

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

This is the 2nd Samsung smartphone in our list, it is gonna be the most popular smartphone of Samsung. its specs are killer at the price of $825 while the Galaxy Note 10 plus 5G  price is $1300. Samsung Galaxy A90 5G specs are given below.

  • Display- 6.70- inch
  • Camera– Triple rear camera 48MP+ 5MP+ 8MP and 32MP Front
  • Chipset– Qualcomm SD855
  •  RAM– 6GB/8GB
  • Storage- 128GB/ 512GB
  • Battery– 4,500 mAh
  • OS- Android 9 Pie upgradable to Android 10

TCL Plex

It is the new brand called TCL FROM China, it is a mid-range smartphone from TCL but if you look at its specs, the smartphone looks far better then other mid-range smartphones. It’s designed is more premium than any flagship smartphones. TCL Plex specs are given below.

  • Display- 6.53- inch
  • Camera– Triple rear camera 48MP+ 16MP+ 2MP and 24MP Front
  • Chipset– Qualcomm SD855
  •  RAM– 6GB/8GB
  • Storage- 128GB expandable to 256GB
  • Battery– 3,820 mAh
  • OS- Android 9 Pie upgradable to Android 10
  • Features- Quick charge 3.0







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