Finally, the Max Games Studios has released the Mini Legends game version app but this version is still unreleased in Google Play Store, but don’t worry you can download the latest version of this game here.

What is Mini Legends?

Mini Legends has full MOBA style gameplay with a twist! Your team of Legends will automatically fight for you. Buy them powerful items, set their strategies and for complete control – Tap on any Legend to become that Legend. it puts you control an entire group of heroes. Your main objective here is to destroy the enemy base and all the rival heroes that may cross your path.

Keep in mind that you´re going to have to simultaneously manage a group of five heroes, so, to make your life a little easier Mini Legends – MOBA Commander gives you tons of strategic possibilities. When you click on the heroes’ portraits, you can give them simple commands such as attacking different areas or withdrawing. Once the combat is on, your heroes will do their best to use their skills automatically.

One of your most important tasks is to invest all the money you start earning during the battles to upgrade the attributes and equipment of your heroes. A more powerful weapon or better armor could make the difference between a victory or a defeat.

Mini Legends – MOBA Commander is a super original MOBA that offers you a much more strategic experience than other games of the same genre. A really great game that keeps improving with each upgrade.

The actual size of this game is 144 MB, You can download the Mini Legends app from the link given below.
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