What is Mini Militia?

Mini-Militia Doodle Army – 2, is a multiplayer game that allows you to host 6 online gamers or 12 local gamers via a local network to play and combat with each other. With a variety of guns and weapons available during the battle, that all you can use to conquer your enemy (friends), provide light and stern environment to boost your experience. If you love the military, army or even combat or shooting games then Mini Militia is the best match. This game has become popular within teens at first, and adults later, in a very short span of time. Being specific, it’s the most popular game being played by college students and office-led employees.

Ever played CS, Counter-Strike? Well, this game provides a 3rd person view of your favorite game, CS. Although Mini Militia varies to Counter-Strike in many aspects, still a person can get the feel of playing Counter-Strike in a 3rd person view on a smartphone.

Requirement to download

Android Version: 3.0 or above

GPS: Yes – To connect you to the nearest server (Optional)

Sound: For Best Experience

Internet: To Play the game online (Optional)

WIFI: To Connect your device to nearby mobile phones


  • Either you need an Internet Connection or a Wifi device.
  • Prevent your phone from going into sleep mode.

You can download the game from the link given below.


What’s new in version 5.3.4?

 -Revamped visuals, the game has never looked so good!
– A simpler way to play on the maps you want to play.
– New crate system to unlock weapons and avatar items.
– Weapon upgrades allow you to make them stronger than ever before.
– The weapon spawns have been tweaked in many maps, to make all weapons useful and give each map a more unique feel
– Facebook login
– New avatar outfits
– 3 new maps (Mini outpost, Jungle, Alienate)
– Invite friends through Facebook or WhatsApp
– Get rewards after watching adds
– New sound added, weapon upgraded
– Tutorial mode for new players.

Old versions –

Version – 5.2.1
Version – 5.2.0
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