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PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update has arrived | see what’s new!


After the release of PUBG Mobile season 10, Tencent has updated to the version 0.17.0, and the update is tipped to bring a few changes. PUBG Mobile giving a continuous update to bring excitement among the users. Now they have come with the new and a different update. Yes, you will indeed enjoy some new exciting features, let us see what they are?

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.17.0?

The most exciting addition is the new EvoGround mode called RageGear, where players will be divided into two teams to be randomly assigned as a driver or shooter. The goal of this mode is to destroy your opponent’s vehicle before they destroy yours. Besides the new EvoGround mode, there are also a few new Classic modes in the mix, such as Snow Paradise and two Healing modes. Firearms have also been rebalanced for Classic mode, and there’s also a new backpack ornament, plus a new spectator tier and friendly fire restrictions. Of course, if you’d like to read the full Play Store changelog, I’ve pasted it below.

Key features

  • Classic mode- Snow paradise upgraded: Added snow paradise in erangel map.
  • EvoGround – Loadout upgraded:
  • TPP Update upgraded
  • Classic mode – Healing while moving
  • Classic mode – Healing continuously
  • Backpack Ornament
  • Spectator tier restrictions: low tier player cant spectate high tier player for a long time.
  • Friendly fire kill restrictions
  • Slide settings
  • Theme Gallery
  • Playing again after the match is done
  • Adding friends after the match is done
  • Auto-Buffering features
  • Rooms: RageGaer mode added to the room.
  • Pack download reward: Added a map download reward guide.
  • Achievements

As you can see 0.16.0 update had come with a few different and unique changes. As we were expecting PUBG Mobile upgraded previous version and arrived with a new 0.17.0 version. For the upcoming news & update about PUBG Mobile stay connected with us.

You can download this game from PlayStore, now it is available there.

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