There are so many software on the internet to share files between MAC and Android but they are generally very hard for basic user of MAC. If they success in transferring the files, they don’t get a good speed of transfer. So we are going to tell you an easiest and fastest way to transfer files between MAC and Android.

Note – the procedure is same for both Windows and MAC.

Bellow are the easy steps to transfer files, follow them properly.

 Download Xender

Xender is basically a popular file transfer app on Android platform but it is also use in transferring files between mac and Android. you need to download Xender from play store or any other app store platform and install it on your android smartphone and open the app you will see an interface like given bellow.

Now you have to click on the (+) button on the right corner of the homepage then click on connect to PC button.

Now you can see two way to share files between MAC and Android ”Web Connect” and ”Hot Spot”.

Web Connect

In Web Connect you should have a Wi-Fi with good speed if you have, then go to the website on your PC given here or insert insert the IP address on your PC giver there on your phone.


now you will see a QR code on the website and then tap on Scan button on your phone. Then you have to scan the code after that you will be at the file transferring page.


If you don’t have a wifi connection with good speed, you don’t need to worry you can also create a hotspot by clicking on the hotspot button.


Now you have to connect your pc to the Wi-Fi network created by your smartphone and enter the IP address on your PC browser given on your smartphone.

 Note – May be the hotspot option is not available in new versions of Xender, so you can download old versions of Xender from internet.

In the end on your phone, the Xender will wants to allow permission to transfer files so accept the permission and you can share files by tapping on upload button on your MAC.


Now enjoy the file transferring between your MAC and Android.

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