What is Monster Legends ?

The Monster Legends is the best monster breeding game with epic battles of monsters and in this game you train your monsters for fight and feed them for upgrading their level and make a powerful monsters force to fight against the other monster masters. You need to build a monsters paradise with Habitats, temples, a Breeding mountain and a lot more.

Modes of play

This is a multiplayer game so you can enjoy it with your friends and make a team against the other monster masters. there are few interesting battle you can play in this game discussed below.

  1. Fight against your friends in friendly live battles – you can fight and collect coins, gems against your friends and breed your monster faster.
  2. Live duels – make a duel with your teammate to fight.
  3. Fight PvP battles – play PvP battles to win trophies and get points to reach monster leagues.
  4. Join team – join any team and make strategy with team chat and fight against another team and unlock monsters.

Tips for fight

  1. Level up your monsters for the battles  and rank them up in the Monster Lab to cross their limits.
  2. Boost your monsters’ powers to get advantages in battle.
  3. Make your monster teams combining attackers, tanks, and control monsters.

Collection of monsters

  1. Collect over 700 and plus monsters: New monsters are added to the game every week.
  2.  Breed monsters of different elements and rarities to create cool new species.
  3. Obtain incredible monsters of all types in the game’s limited-time events.
  4. Get the new powerful monsters in the game.

How to download Its latest version ?

To download the latest version of the Monster Legends click on the download the button given below.


What’s new in 9.5

Old bugs has been fixed and performance has improved.

Old Versions –

Version 9.4.16

For the upcoming updates stay connected with us.

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