PUBG Mobile coming to India very soon, as we saw last week its trailers notification on youtube but after few minutes they privatised these trailers, everyone don’t know why they did it but now fans are very excited for PUBG Mobile India launch and looking forward for some good news about its launch date.

Announcements about PUBG Mobile India –

In last few weeks there are so many rumours moving around in social media, youtube, in popular articles sites about PUBG Mobile India launch, so after looking all around internet you can definitely say that it is going to be launch soon. According to leaks there is something going to be happen in this week may be on May 6th. The Krafton Inc. will announce something about PUBG Mobile India on May 6th, I think they will again upload the videos they have deleted before I can’t guarantee but if it happens than after that we can say there will be something about its launch. Let’s see what happen in coming weeks but indeed the past few weeks have increased the excitement level among us.

Battlegrounds Mobile India –

The PUBG Mobile can change its name to “Battlegrounds Mobile India” as the Krafton inc. said before that it is a Indian specific game so they can change its name but it is actually confirmed because of youtube URL change of PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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