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OnePlus 2 vs Moto X Style, Battle Between the Flagship devices


OnePlus and Motorola, both have announced their flagship devices for this year and both are outstanding in their counterpart. On one hand, OnePlus 2 has the latest hardware, while Moto X Style has the latest design. Both qualifies to be a flagship device and both are equally good. But we are here to compare both the devices. So lets begin the comparison between OnePlus 2 and Motorola Moto X Style.


OnePlus 2 vs Moto X Style


Lets start with the network first. Both the phones have 2G, 3G and 4G support. But wait, here is a catch. While Moto X Style support all the LTE bands, OnePlus 2 has 2 variants, one of which is US model and other is Global model and both the models have some missing LTE bands according to their region.

So +1 for Moto X Style. Moto X Style: 1, Oneplus 2: 0.


Motorola definitely is the winner here with its unique and comfortable design. Moto has improved its previous design, which was already good, to better. It doesn’t mean that OnePlus 2 does not has a good design, but Moto wins for originality and uniqueness.

Moto has many color and material options, while OnePlus 2 has only one color option as of now.

Another +1 for Moto X Style. Moto X Style: 2, Oneplus 2: 0.

Processor, RAM and GPU

Hardware narrates a different story and OnePlus 2 win without any argument. Where Moto X Style has Snapdragon 808 with 3GB of RAM and Adreno 418 GPU, OnePlus has Snapdragon 810 with 4GB of RAM and Adreno 430 GPU. It doesn’t mean that Moto X Style is a slow device, in real world, you won’t find any difference in performance of both the devices.

+1 goes to OnePlus 2 in hardware section. Moto X Style: 2, Oneplus 2: 1.


When it comes to features, both the phones are equally good. OnePlus 2 is loaded with fingerprint scanner, while Moto X Style has its unique Moto Voice and Moto Display. Both the phone have great features. So +1 for both the phones.

Moto X Style: 3, Oneplus 2: 2.


Both the phones have non removable battery, it means the users cannot replace the battery themself andthey need to rush to the nearest service center to get it replaced. Moto X Style is powered by 3000 mAh battery, whereas OnePlus 2 has 3300 mAh battery. OnePlus 2 wins because of bigger battery, but wait, Moto with fast charging does compensate the battery figures. Motorola claims to charge the phone by 34% in just 15 minutes, which makes Moto X Style the fastest charging phone at the moment.

Here both the phones get +1. Moto X Style: 4, Oneplus 2: 3.


Motorola has always been criticized because of their poor camera quality and it seems that this time Moto took the camera seriously and they came back with a bang. Moto X Style has a powerful 21 MP camera which is among the best camera in the market as of now.

OnePlus 2 possess a 13 MP camera, which makes Moto a clear winner by wide margin. +1 to Moto for its great camera. Moto X Style: 5, Oneplus 2: 3.


OnePlus has OxygenOS 2 which has plenty of customisation options, whereas Moto X Style has almost a stock Android version with few tweaks and customisations. But these Moto customisations, like Moto Voice, Moto Display, Moto Assists, etc are worth to make Moto side heavier.

Both the phones get updates quite faster than other Android phones, except for Nexus devices. Its difficult to allocate points in this section, so +1 to both devices. Moto X Style: 6, Oneplus 2: 4.


Moto X Style is priced at $399, while OnePlus 2 starts at $299. So OnePlus is competitively priced, +1 for that.

Moto X Style: 6, Oneplus 2: 5.

The final result shows that overall Moto X Style is slightly better than OnePlus 2, but both the flagship phones are great in performance and price. So whichever phone you choose, you will win in both the situations.

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