Year 2015 is a step forward than the previous year in terms of technology, mobiles and the flagship devices. Galaxy S6 and Moto X Style, the flagship devices from Samsung and Motorola respectively, has been improved a way ahead from their predecessors. So which device to choose from these two? Confused? So let us compare these two high end devices and check which company has done a better job this year.

Galaxy S6 vs Moto X Style


Moto X Style has an edge over other smartphones in terms of networks, as it a single universal phone that support all the GSM, HSDPA and LTE bands. Like many other smartphones, Samsung do comes with many regional variants of Galaxy S6, like G920A, G920F, etc. It means if you have a Moto X Style, you can use it with any SIM anywhere in the world and it will support all the bands and networks without any issue, but this is not the case with Samsung Galaxy S6. S6 comes with few regional variants that support networks related to that specific country or zone.

+1 for Moto X Style. Moto X Style: 1, Galaxy S6: 0.


Samsung has always been cursed for its design and cheap material even in high end devices, but this time Samsung has improved and they have come up a great design and build quality in Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 is truly a premium phone in terms of looks and build quality.

Galaxy S6 has glass on both the side, yes it has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection on front as well as back, similar to that of earlier iPhones and Nexus 4. But this also has raised the question about its durability. On the other hand Motorola, as always, has done a great work on redesign the overall structure of Moto devices and they came up with a new and refreshing new design, which is comfortable, eye candy and durable.


Samsung has kept its flagship device very thin and lightweight, Galaxy S6 is mere 6.8 mm thick and weighs only 138 grams, while Moto X Style is 11.1 mm thick and weight 179 grams. But weight in Moto X Style has also increased due to its bigger screen size, i.e. 5.7 inches as compared to 5.1 inches in Galaxy S6. But Moto has done a great job in keeping the ratio of screen to body very high. Although it has a bigger screen but it has managed to keep the device small as compared to other devices with similar screen size.

To be concise, both Samsung and Motorola has done a great job in design and build quality, but Samsung still needs to improve, but we will distribute +1 to both the devices due to the overall design of Samsung which has improved to an extensive level from its previous models.

 Moto X Style: 2, Galaxy S6: 1.

Processor, RAM and GPU

This time Samsung has drooped Snapdragon chipsets in their phones completely and they have adopted their own Exynos chips. Galaxy S6 comes with Exynos 7420, while Moto X Style has Snapdragon 808. Both the phones perform extremely well with 3GB of RAM. Graphics in Samsung are handled by Mali-T760MP8, while in Moto the graphical tasks are performed by Adreno 418.

Overall both the phones perform well and are worthy to hold the title of flagship device. But this time Moto has learned from their previous mistakes and they have added the support for external microSD card support in Moto X Style, while Samsung did the opposite and they removed the microSD card support. Although Samsung comes with 32, 64 and 128 GB variant but many people still prefer the phones with external memory support. Therefore, Moto has listened to their customers in this part and is worthy to get a +1 for this.

 Moto X Style: 3, Galaxy S6: 1.


Samsung has reduced many bloat from Galaxy S6 this time and only few are left with it which they seems are essential for the customers. While Moto comes with really useful features like Moto Display, Moto Voice and Moto Assist. Both the phones have Quick Charge support, but Moto claims it be faster than other smartphones. In terms of features both the device performs equally well, so +1 for both devices.

Moto X Style: 4, Galaxy S6: 2.


As said previously, Moto has learnt a lot from their previous devices and customer response, Moto has increased their battery size and so is the battery backup. Moto X Style comes with huge 3000 mAh battery which can be charged upto 34% in just 15 minutes. While Samsung has integrated a 2550 mAh battery which quick charge support. Samsung should have given some thoughts over the battery, as after few months of Galaxy S6 launch, many customers are reporting the bad battery backup of the device.

Both Samsung and Motorola has a non removable battery which means the users cannot replace the battery themselves.

+1 for Moto X Style in battery section. Moto X Style: 5, Galaxy S6: 2.


Samsung has already been known for its great camera and it is just the opposite with Moto devices. But this time Moto has hit the right spot and has improved the camera to a great extent. Moto X Style has the next best camera in the market right now after Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 comes with 16 MP camera while Moto X Style has 21 MP camera. Both the phones have 5 MP front facing camera, but in terms of quality Samsung did a better job.

+1 to Galaxy S6 for camera. Moto X Style: 5, Galaxy S6: 3.


Samsung has its own customised launcher, i.e., TouchWiz, which has not so good impression over past few year. But this time Samsung has promised that they have cut a lot from their ROMs to make the device faster and lighter, but it still feels slower than the almost stock like ROM of Moto X Style. Although Samsung has few benefits over the Moto X Style software like Theme support, font change etc, but when it comes to performance and pure Android experience, Moto X Style has an edge.

Also in terms of updates Moto is faster than Samsung. Moto X Style already comes with Android 5.1.1 which is the latest version of Android at the moment. In terms of software, +1 for both devices as Samsung has really improved a lot from its previous TouchWiz versions.

Moto X Style: 6, Galaxy S6: 4.


Moto X Style is starts at $399, while Samsung Galaxy S6 is priced around $650 unlocked. Recently, it has been confirmed that Samsung will cut down the prices of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge by $100, but still it will be a lot more expensive device than Moto X Style.

Moto X Style wins over Galaxy S6 in terms of price. Moto X Style: 7, Galaxy S6: 4.

Thus, Moto X Style is a better device to choose overall. But personal preferences also affect the decision, so if you are a Samsung fan, then trust me you will feel fully satisfied with Galaxy S6. But overall, Moto X Style seems to be a better flagship device. You can also check out the comparison between Moto X Style and OnePlus 2 here.

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Earl Sinclair
Earl Sinclair
August 4, 2015 4:01 am

Thanks for the information. It was very informative and educational. Now I may choose the Moto X phone instead of the Samsung X6 which verizon recommended me to get. The Moto X should be consumer report best buy.