Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Moto X Style and LG G4, all are among the best smartphones that are available in the market right now. All these phones are from different mobile companies, but they bear a common tag of being the flagship device of year 2015. All the three phones are high end smartphones with latest hardware and software specifications. All are power packed with the best hardware available, so which phone is better?

If you are planning to buy iPhone 6 Plus or Moto X Style or LG G4, then you should know about the pros and cons of these devices. Therefore we have written a brief comparison between  iPhone 6 Plus, Moto X Style and LG G4.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Moto X Style vs LG G4



All these phones are GSM, HSDPA and LTE enabled and support almost every available bands, which means you can use these devices anywhere in the world with any SIM. G4 and X Style have LTE Cat6, which has the maximum download and upload speed of 300 and 50 Mbps respectively. But iPhone 6 Plus has LTE Cat4 which provide the maximum download speed of 150 Mbps only.

Therefore, iPhone has got a step backward in terms of LTE from LG and Moto devices.

iPhone 6 Plus: 0, LG G4: 1, Moto X Style: 1.


All three phones are perfectly build with high quality material and have unique design. All phones feel quite comfortable in hands in spite of such a big screen. G4 and iPhone 6 Plus, both has 5.5 inches screen but Moto X Style has 5.7 inches screen, but this not make the phone bigger in size. Moto has done a great job in keeping the body to screen ratio low and instead of having a huge 5.7 inch screen, X Style is smaller in size as compared to iPhone 6 Plus.

LG G4 and Moto X Style comes with many material and color options, while iPhone 6 Plus has only 3 basic colors options, i.e. Space Gray, Silver, Gold. Overall, iPhone 6 Plus is a bit bigger device than the other two, although it has smaller screen than X Style.

iPhone 6 Plus: 0, LG G4: 2, Moto X Style: 2.

Processor, RAM and GPU

LG G4 and Moto X Style share almost similar hardware specifications. They are powered by Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 chipset with Adreno 418 GPU. They both have 3GB of RAM and the external memory can be expanded upto 128GB.

Whereas iPhone 6 Plus has a dual core Apple A8 processor with PowerVR GX6450 GPU and has mere 1GB of RAM. Along with this there is no memory expansion available in iPhone 6 Plus, though it has a 128GB variant that is not available in the other two smartphones.

Overall, iPhone 6 Plus is not as powerful as the other two Android devices.

iPhone 6 Plus: 0, LG G4: 3, Moto X Style: 3.


Moto X Style comes with an appreciated Moto Display, Moto Voice and Moto Assist features. Apple iPhone has Fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay, and both the features are very well known among Apple users. LG does not have any exclusive feature that can be talked about, therefore, G4 losses in the features sections.

iPhone 6 Plus: 1, LG G4: 3, Moto X Style: 4.


LG G4 and Moto X Style has 3000 mAh battery with quick charge support, while iPhone 6 Plus has 2915 mAh battery which is very close to the other two phones. Practically all the three phones have huge battery and provide an ample amount of battery backup.

Though Motorola claims that Moto X Style charges faster than any other device in the market. LG G4 charge 60% in 30 minute, while Moto X Style charge 34% in just 15 minutes.

iPhone 6 Plus: 2, LG G4: 4, Moto X Style: 5.


Till last year, Apple is known for its best camera, but this year it is not the case. Motorola has got the perfect recipe to build a great camera. If you believe, Moto X Style camera has been rated as a better than iPhone’s camera. Moto has been ranked 2nd, just after Galaxy S6, in terms of camera.

Moto X Style has a totally revamped 21 MP camera, while LG G4 has a 16 MP camera and iPhone 6 Plus has mere 8 MP camera. Although, LG G4 and 6 Plus, both has optical image stabilization, but still Moto beats both the phones in terms of camera quality.

iPhone 6 Plus: 2, LG G4: 4, Moto X Style: 6.


When it comes to software, iPhone 6 Plus comes with iOS 8, Moto X Style has Android 5.1.1 and LG G4 has Android 5.1. Both the operating systems possess certain exclusive features which make them better with each other, therefore debating on iOS and Android is useless. All the three phone runs very smooth without any bug and has almost all the features that a normal user can expect.

iPhone 6 Plus: 3, LG G4: 5, Moto X Style: 7.


Price is the factor that influence the decision making power of a customer. Therefore price is the main factor that will bring out the best device among the three.

Moto X Style has a starting price of $399, LG G4 starts with $520, while iPhone 6 Plus starts with $749. There is a huge price difference among the three. If we compare the price of Moto X Style and iPhone 6 Plus, then we will see that we can almost buy 2 X Style in the price of one iPhone 6 Plus.

Therefore, it is very much clear that Moto X Style is the competitively priced than the other two and also makes it the best flagship device of year 2015.

iPhone 6 Plus: 3, LG G4: 5, Moto X Style: 8.

So, it is now clear that Moto has really done a great job this year with Moto X Style. You can also check out Moto X Style comparison with Samsung Galaxy S6 and OnePlus 2.

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