The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has again been spotted with its complete retail packaging and almost all the specifications of Note 5 has been revealed. So here is everything that you want to know about this phablet. We have compiled a list of questions that might arise in your mind about Note 5, and we hope that it will clear your doubts about this upcoming beast.

How much RAM is there in Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Galaxy Note 5 has 4GB of RAM. It is one of the highest amount of RAM that can be found in any phablet till now. 4GB of RAM will make the device very smooth ang lag free. After rebooting, the device has almost 50% of free RAM, that means you can have 2GB of free RAM after rebooting your device, this can also be taken as the highest amount of free RAM that can be made available in Note 5.

Does Galaxy Note 5 has a 64 bit processor?

Yes, Note 5 has a 64 bit Octa core Exynos processor, but the Exynos chipset model is not revealed now, though it is expected that it will come with the latest Exynos chipset, i.e. 7420. Though we need to wait for the official confirmation about the chipset and GPU.

What is the screen size of Galaxy Note 5?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will feature a 5.7 inch Quad HD super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

What about internal storage? Does Galaxy Note 5 has card slot?

The base model of Note 5 will come with 32GB of internal memory, and that is it. Yes, Galaxy Note 5 won’t be having any microSD card slot, as rumored before.

How is the camera quality of Galaxy Note 5?

Galaxy Note 5 has a 16 MP primary camera with optical image stabilizer and a 5 MP front facing camera. The primary camera is same as Note 4, but there is a bump from 3.7 MP to 5 MP in the secondary camera. The camera quality is very much similar to that of Note 4, except that the Note 5 camera is more bright.

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have 4G support?

Yes, it is very much obvious that Note 5 will have LTE bands support in all the variants.

How much is the battery in new Galaxy Note 5?

Currently it has not been disclosed about the battery size of Galaxy Note 5, but it is expected to have around 3500 mAh of battery.

What about the Operating System in Galaxy Note 5?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come with Android 5.1.1 out of the box with TouchWiz over the top. Samsung has promised that they have optimised the software to a great extent for smooth user experience.

If you have any other question regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note, then do not hesitate to comment below. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on Galaxy Note 5.

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