Finally, Moto X Style (Pure) is available in many countries, and many have already got their new device in their hands. Luckily we are among those who got their hands on the new Moto X Style. So we thought to share the stock wallpapers, ringtones and applications that came with our new Moto device. You can easily use the wallpapers and ringtones in any phone, but you need to be careful while installing the APK files as it may not support your phone. So go ahead and download all the stuff from Moto X Style (Pure).

Moto X Style Stock Wallpapers

There are total 9 Quad HD wallpapers supplied with Moto X Style, which is provided below. Use the download button below to get the untouched stock wallpapers. The zip file size is 15.85 MB.

Download Moto X Style Stock Wallpapers

Moto X Style Ringtones

There is total of 34 ringtones that are provided with stock ROM of Moto X Style (Pure), you can download them all from the link below. The zip file size is 18.5 MB.

Download Moto X Style (Pure) Ringtones

Moto X Style Notification Tones

There are 31 notifications tones available in Moto X Style and all are provided in a zip file below which is 1.23 MB in size.

Download Moto X Style Notification Tones

Moto X Style Applications (APK files)

This includes all the latest Moto exclusive applications like Moto Display, Moto Voice, etc. The complete package size is 61.62 MB.

Download Moto X Style Apps APK

Moto X Style Bootanimation

Download Moto X Style Bootanimation

Hope you liked all the Moto X Style (Pure) stuff. To get more such downloads, stay tuned with us.

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J Seb
J Seb
November 1, 2015 1:54 am

Thanks a lot. Had deleted the data in Media Storage and lost all my stock sounds, this was perfect.