If you are a developer or a power Android user, then you must be familiar with SuperSU. It is an application for Android OS that provides superuser access rights to the applications in a device. In short, it is a Superuser access management tool. This tool has been developed by Chainfire, who is very famous in Android development world.

SuperSu has now been updated to version 2.50 which has support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Though this version is still in beta and is not available in Play Store yet. A day after the release of SuperSU 2.50, a new version, i.e. SuperSU 2.51 has been released will fix all the bugs that are related to Marshmallow. It means that now you can use SuperSU in you phone running Android 6.0.


Whats New in SuperSU 2.50 and 2.51 Beta

  • Add support for x86 PIE binaries
  • Fixed tapjacking protection not working < 4.4.3 (AOSP issue 54193)
  • Updated libsupol headers
  • armv5/x86 binaries now NDK built instead of AOSP
  • supolicy adjustments for Samsung 5.1.1
  • Removed extra donation feature
  • Toybox support

Please note that you need a rooted device to install SuperSU on your Android phone. If you want an easy way to install SuperSu on your phone, then you can download it from Play Store. Please note that Play Store version has not been updated till now, so you need to wait for some time till the stable version of SuperSU gets released.

Download SuperSU 2.51

If you have downloaded the zip file of SuperSu 2.5.1, then you need to flash it via custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM. If you want the APK file, then it is present in the zip file inside ‘common’ folder. If you don’t have much knowledge about Android phone rooting and custom recoveries, then you can give this article a miss.

To get more information about SuperSU and its latest versions, stay tuned with us.

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