Yesterday, Clash of Clans version 8.67.3 has been released which is one of the biggest update ever with the introduction of Town Hall 11. Along with this there has been few other updates which will make the players change their farming base and their war strategy. First of all we will start with the changes that has been made in this December update that will affect your farming and attacking strategies.

  • New troop levels, defense levels, and Clan Spell donation.
  • Attack through Shield at any time, but be sure to protect your Town Hall!
  • Guard your play sessions when Shield is down and never get attacked off-guard again.
  • Goblins chasing Town Halls, bigger League Bonuses and Trophy offers, and so much more!
  • Request reinforcement spells, not just troops, starting from Clan Castle level 4.
  • Donated spells receive all existing Clan Perks benefits.
  • Freeze Spell is now unlocked at Town Hall 9 and has slightly longer duration on lower levels.
  • Town Hall destruction no longer grants a Shield – bring your Town Hall inside!
  • You can attack while shielded at any time for just a small Shield reduction.
  • Get Shield at 30% destruction, more at 60%, but only when a sizable army attacks.
  • Guard protects you from attacks and lets you attack others all you want.
  • Get free Guard when Shields expire and play freely without worry of being attacked.
  • Higher Leagues grant more free Guard – Titan I & Legend players get 100% coverage!
  • 2 hours of extra Guard is available in the Shop every day.
  • Town Halls now hold lots of available loot – destroy them in battle for a big payout!
  • League Bonuses are bigger than ever, but scale with your destruction percentage.
  • Trophy offers get bigger and Trophy losses lower the higher your League!
  • Battle time limit has been increased by 30 seconds.
  • Goblins now target the Town Hall and Clan Castle for 2x damage.
  • Rearm costs for all traps have been massively reduced.
  • Reload costs for X-Bows have been massively reduced.
  • Large amounts of Healers now have reduced effectiveness on the same unit.
  • Army boosts have been reduced to 5 gems for 1 hour of boost.
  • Cost for finding a match and ‘Nexting’ reduced for TH10.
  • Clan War Preparation Day has been reduced to 23 hours.
  • Troop combat and path finding AI has been polished up and tightened.
  • Available loot percentage on Town Hall levels 6-10 has been slightly increased.
  • Villages one Town Hall level lower are now worth slightly less loot.

So all the above listed changes in the new version of Clash of Clans will change your way of farming and attacking. So lets move over to the tips and tricks that will help you to get extra coins, elixir and gems. The tactics are very simple and you will see a great change in the way you loot and attack.


New Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

  • This update brings Town Halls that will hold lots of available loot, which means that if you destroy the Town Hall of your enemy, you will not only get 1 star, but you will also get some loot. Earlier this loot was very limited to 1000 coins and elixirs till Town Hall 7. But now with this update you can target the bases that have placed their town halls at the corner. You will only need few troop and you will get one star with some handsome amount of coins and elixir. In this way you can get unlimited coins and elixir.
  • Destroying the Town Hall will also rank you high in Leagues with increasing trophies. You can easily increase your trophies just by destroying the Town Halls and in this way you can also get few gems that are offered while entering in Gold and Master Leagues. For example, you will get 1000 gems when you get 2600+ trophies (Master League).
  • The cost of rearming traps and bombs has been reduced to a great extent. Now rearming your traps and bomb after every attack on your base will not cost much.
  • The functionality of shield has been changed completely. Change your strategy according to the new rule.

We will update this post with new tips and tricks very soon. If you have any tips to get unlimited gems, coins or elixir in Clash of Clans, please do not hesitate to share it here.

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December 22, 2016 6:16 pm