Download the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack (Mega, Full, Basic and Standard) from the download links provided below. K-Lite Codec is one of the most complete solution for all your codec problems in Windows platform. If you are not able to play any audio or video file, then you just need to download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack and voila you can play almost any audio and video file format in your Windows PC without any other hassle.

If you have encountered any of the following codec errors in your computer while playing audio and video file, then K-Lite Codec Pack is the best solution for you.

  • Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required video codec is not installed on your computer.
  • Windows Media Player cannot play, burn, rip, or sync the file because a required audio codec is not installed on your computer.
  • A codec is required to play this file. To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web, click Web Help.
  • Invalid File Format.

There are four packs that are available for K-Lite Codec, namely, Basic, Standard, Full and Mega. According to their names they contain similar codecs, like the basic pack has only the most important codecs that are required in normal day to day usage, while the mega pack is the most complete codec pack that contains every codec that is available for audio and video playback including VFW/ACM codecs for video encoding/editing. Therefore it is necessary to choose the required pack wisely and if you are not sure about which codec pack to download, then the K-Lite Codec Mega Pack is the way to go.
video formats

Download K-Lite Codec Pack 11.7.5

K-Lite Codec Pack is compatible for Windows XP and above and does support both 32-bit and 64-bit codecs. It is one of the most user friendly codecs pack that is available till now for Windows users, it is even better than VLC Player in many aspects, as it has better support for MKV files as compared to VLC Player.

K-Lite Codec Pack also comes with an inbuilt Media Payer Classic that has very minimal interface and has the ability to play any audio and video file, even the rarest one that is available on this planet. In addition to installing the required codecs, K-Lite Codec Pack also detect and fix the already installed broken codecs. Everything is very simple and easy; you just have to follow the installation and setup wizard and you are ready to play any audio and video file in your computer.

To get more updates on K-Lite Codec Pack, stay tuned with us.

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