Clash of Clans, which is the most popular multi-player strategy game in Android and iOS platform is expected to receive another major update in the month of April. This update will bring some new dark troops along with few improvements and balancing. The biggest update will be the addition of two new dark troops, i.e. Rocketeer and Zap Wizard, which will be available in Town Hall 10. Rocketeer will be unlocked in Dark Barrack level 7, while Zap Wizard will be unlocked in Dark Barrack level 8.

Character Housing Space HP Training Time DPS Attack Speed Range
Zap Wizard 8 350 8 m 40 1.8 s 3 Tiles
Character Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Lab Level HP DPS
Goblin 7 Unknown Unknown 9 74 52
Hog Rider 6 Unknown Unknown 9 535 118


Along with these new troops, Hog Rider and Goblin will get a level up. Now the max level for Hog Rider will be Level 6, while Goblin can go max up to level 7. On the other side, there will be new defences level, where Inferno tower can be upgraded up to level 4 and mortar can be upgraded up to level 9. Along with these updates, Supercell will also introduce some game balancing changes, that will make the Queen walk useless as the “Healers” will not heal the Queen in the same amount as before, which means the Queen Walk strategy will be useless after this update.

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall Unlocks
Dark Barrack 7 4,500,000 Elixir 10 days 10 Rocketeer
Dark Barrack 8 6,000,000 Elixir 12 days 10 Zap Wizard
Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall HP DPS
Mortar 9 9,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 800 15
Inferno Tower 4 10,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 2400 Multi: 46Single: 42 > 155 > 1,550

Training cost and training time of few troops will be reduced to balance the gameplay. Another biggest change is that the skeleton traps will not trigger the traps, which means Witch will become more prone to hidden traps. Currently, the revenge match did not add any star to the Daily Star Bonus, but after this update, the revenge stars will also be added, and you will be eligible to get the Daily bonus.

Healers Percentage of Healing Queen

Number of Healers Now After Update
1 100% 100%
2 100% 40%
3 90% 40%
4 90% 30%
5 70% 30%
6 40% 30%
7 10% 20%
8 10% 10%

The new update is not limited to the above-listed changes; there is a lot more to come. Please note that the information provided above is just a leaked information, and it may change on or before the release of the new update. To get more updates and information about upcoming Clash of Clans update, stay tuned with us.

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Walter JB
Walter JB
April 12, 2016 12:42 pm

Happy my lv6 clan (upwards of 40+ members), including my 3 accts, recently quit clash since the even worse March update. This game is still progressing steadily from bad to worse. What a joke! (I wonder how many suck-ups Supercell will have a year from now?… LOL)