Clash Royale, a famous real-time multiplayer strategy game from Supercell, is holding their first official tournament on 16th April at 1:00pm EST. The tournament will be held in Helsinki, Finland. According to the officials, 200 players will enter in this arena, most of the players are from Finland, though anyone can enter in this tournament. The Clash Royale team will provide the live streaming for quarterfinals, semifinals and finals on Twitch and YouTube, the link of the same has been provided below.

Clash Royale was released back in Feb this year with a soft opening in few countries but later on the game was made available globally. After the global launch, this is the first official tournament that will provide more interaction of company with the game players. This tournament will further help the officials to make future changes and balancing in the game.


Upcoming Clash Royale Tournament Rules

  • King level is capped at 9.
  • Common level is also capped at 9.
  • Rare level cap is 7.
  • Epic level cap is 4.
  • Legendary level cap is only 1.
  • Overtime length will be 3 minutes.

Watch Live Clash Royale Tournament

You can watch the live tournament by visiting the YouTube link above, live streaming will start on 16th April at 1:00pm EST. The recent announcement from the CR Team has disclosed that there will a new update in the first week of May that will bring some major changes in the game. One of the most welcomed feature will be live spectating of matches, similar to that of Clash of Clans. The other updates will be made in tournament rules. This upcoming update will also give double rewards in Crown Chest.

If you still have not downloaded Clash Royale in your Android phone, then you can download the latest version from here or you can directly install it via Google Play.

You can stay tuned with us to get more updates on Clash Royale tournament and to know the winner of this tournament.

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